Monday, March 10, 2014

My First Radio Appearance!

Hey Allwunderkind!
This has been a year for new starts, I made my first appearance on radio! 
On March 3rd, I was featured on Stony Brook Universities' WUSB radio 90.1 FM on DJ JD's "Say Whats Radio" Monday afternoons from 3-5 where he brings in local musicians as guests! 
My friend talented new friend Kaila Mullady (check her youtube here) she's an accomplished beatboxer, beatrhymer, singer, improviser, guitar player, writer (basically an all around renaissance-woman-extraordinaire) and she joined me to do some renditions of songs!  Evidently we had one of the most supported and tune-in-to shows of the thank you AllOne Family for giving so much love always!

       I had a really fun time, DJ JD (Jim Davis) was a great host, we kept it silly but also got a lot of information out there. I was allowed to sort of dictate the music played so I suggested a few of my friend's including Alexa Dexa, More Than Skies, Aqua Cherry.  With Kaila's accompaniment I did alternative versions of "Build Here" as well as debuted an alternative version of my song "Work In Progress" from Creative Differences: A Split (my aforementioned project with D.o.drent)!  Kaila and I also did a silly rendition of Will Smith's extended version of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song (a cover demand that was left to me by my friends at Phantom and The Fox) that I wrote an additional verse on the end of discussing my affinity for Will Smith and his awesome career.  Kaila and I are huge fans of improv and usual collaborators in an improvisational setting, did a funny and good freestyle of Public Service Announcements at the tail end of the show (we found out they have to air PSAs on every show!).
         You can listen to the Will Smith cover and the alternative "Work In Progress" track below (be sure to follow the AllOne soundcloud and Say Whats Radio Soundcloud as well).  If you'd like to hear the whole show, you can download it from this Say Whats Radio Google Archive and look for the one marked with 3-3-2014 and our names.
I sincerely loved the experience of being on the radio so anyone who has a show or a podcast or something...please contact me if you need guests, I'd love to join you! Thank you Jim for the opportunity and for Kaila Mullady for joining me and for all of you who listened up and will continue to!  Be good to yourselves and one another, build things to invite people into not keep people out of!
Good day and good luck,