Friday, December 29, 2017

Bookworm recap 2017 booklist (with links and recommendations)

Hello Bookworms!
    As we approach a new year, which comes with a cliche degree of incredulity, I figured I'd share the  list up of books I read in the past year (with as many links as I could muster to relevant things either purchase-links or information/website links.)   I don't think it affects you remotely, except perhaps to see where my head may have gone as far as motivation to read one title to another if there were any discernible through-lines, but this list is also in chronological order of reading them (save for random comic volumes) This year I actually obtained three new bookshelves, one of which I made from two old dresser drawers, so my crazy personal library is a little more tidy!

  To my retrospective surprise, A great majority of these are both graphic novels AND specifically ones by Alan Moore.  I've really fallen in love with the graphic novel form. Also, in any endeavor he is tackling, he seems to be the greatest creator in it.  I've actually come to the conclusion that he's one of the most thoughtful, interesting and gifted living writers, and certainly the finest I've ever read.

   I also ventured back into my love of Kurt Vonnegut in a big way as well as discovered a great love for Jules Verne in debuting him for myself.  I read a fair amount of authors who were new to me, none of which really disappointed in their own ways;  Tim Will Hunting (my friend Tim Mission), Tim Ferriss, Dashiell Hammett, Jonathon Tropper, Truman Capote, Jon Baird, Italo Calvino, Franz Kafka, OSHO, Randy Pausch and Joseph Conrad.   I'd venture to say that as far as novels/books specifically go, I think the most fascinating and enrapturing and enjoyable was "The Explorers Guild" by Jon Baird and Kevin Costner (yes, THAT Kevin Costner.) Illustrated by Rick Ross (No, NOT THAT Rick Ross).  Second to that might have been the poetic and strange Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.   

Special Mentions:
Best Non-fiction 
"Custodian Chronicles"

Best non-fiction collection:
 "All These Wonders"

Best Graphic Novels: 
Miracleman and/or Promethea 

Best "Classic": 
The Lost World

Best Story Collection:
 "Trigger Warning"

Best Anthology: 
"Shadow Show"

Favorite author new to me: 
Dashiell Hammett

Best Fiction read: 
"Explorers Guild"

Most unique prose fiction read:
 "Invisible Cities"

Most pragmatically impacting: 
"4-Hour Work Week"

 Please comment with some favorite reads of your own this year or if you have reviews or opinions on any of the following works! Asterisks will accompany my strong recommendations on this list 
Happy New Year and Happy Reading my fellow bookworms!

** Tom Strong books 1-6 (Alan Moore) **

** Promethea Books 1-5 (Alan Moore) **

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales book 1&2 (Alan Moore)

Dept.H vol. 1 & 2 (Matt Kindt)