Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Audio-VisuAll... my goal of sharing more video content!

Hey AllOne family,
The pre-order-amble:
It has been some time hasn't it?!  Well, you have have heard, I am releasing a new album soon ("I've Been Thinking..." on May 3rd), I am planning an east coast tour, among other things and a lot has been happening!  This reminds me that I've been meaning to rekindle my relationship with this blog!  I post on social media daily and end up feeling that this blog is an aside to all of that or is only deserving of "really grand musings or giant events" and inevitably akin to writer's block (blog?) I end up sharing nothing at all!  So I'd like to talk about one of my goals and share a bunch of great things that have come of my endeavor to fulfill it!

Filming before sunrise with Austin Sandick
for an as-yet-unreleased video for our song
"Cardiac Compass (path to preservation" 

One of the goals of this year (and always) was/is to release more video content.  What exactly does that mean? What is the criteria to satisfy me?  Really, it could be any array of things. Well, those of you who have known me for 10+ years would know I have an affinity for an involvement with film anyway due to my wilder exploits before I "Went from HI to Playwrite.." , but that's another series of stories for another (or any-other or a-never) time!

Aside from the fact that having a video presence online is so important and integral for "promotional" purposes, I just love the fact that it gives a more intimate look at the audio/written material I've made or adds new layers to that musical art.  I also feel that video gives me an opportunity to be more intimately involved with all of you listeners/viewers.  If I can't release new song every few weeks, then I can release video of a previously released song and in that way, enliven that song again, make more interesting work, potentially collaborate with new directors/cartoonists etc or bring some of you who couldn't attend a concert, a view into what that experience might have been like! Plus, lets face it, I'm a self-indulgent-ham!

Shooting the "Pagliacci (a most memorable case)" video
with BMO  for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest Series!
The criteria is vast, whether it was a Vlog, a cinematic video, a live show performance,  a studio performance, a freestyle, an alternative version of a song with people or some odd abstract artsy type of thing, I just want to be able to use the visual platform as a way to share more and challenge myself and the material I've amassed more!
In the last 4 months and a half months, 5 videos have been released that fall under a few of these categories, and many of them revolve around the new album "I've been Thinking..." and  each of them is unique in a way, which I'm very pleased with! I'm going to list them below, with a little blurb and hope that you enjoy them!  I'm currently in the works of making at least two others and have plans to do many more different types of videos! I hope you like them!

Thank you for watching and listening!
if you wish to work together on some video content, have some suggestions or tips, or have video that you have shot over the years of some songs or poems, please comment here or email me at AllOneVoice@gmail.com and let me know!!

"Pagliacci (a most memorable case)" with BMO for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series.
This was expertly and promptly shot and edited by Jon Greco for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest.  The location was provided by my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Bob (their home) and they lent us also lent us the old desk which was necessary criteria for the shot, which felt sort of thematic for the narrative in the song!   I was just as excited about the contest as I was of having an excuse for BMO and I to do a video that also sort of shared and announced some new material from "I've Been Thinking..."

"The Case Of Sydney Barringer"  and "Build Here" Live with BMO by Nice Garage Presents...
Nice Garage is a beautiful show throwing media group based out of Long Island run by Joe Arias, Sam N, Dan Clyne and a slew of others.  They host shows once a month at Huntington's own RIPE ART GALLERY, a charming place to perform and observe great music and artwork, inside of a barn, they film and record the performances and then put them all on their site!
Adam of More Than Skies played that night as did Ninja Tree House and the show was a huge success!  As we started the "Sydney Barringer" narrative song, I decided to deliberately stand on the stool thematically and stayed there.  Although we aimed to fill the whole set premiering new material, we closed the set with a favorite, "Build Here" and people were really responsive and it was a blast, so many people came out to that show and showed love!! Please Subscribe to NICE GARAGE and check out their Tumblr, they're doing great things for the community as a whole! Thanks again to them!
Click Here to watch "The Case Of Sydney Barringer" LIVE   !
Click Here to watch "Build Here" LIVE!

"Zoom In (There's Life Here)" official video
"Zoom In (There's Life Here)" was the first official single release for "I've Been Thinking..." and that announcement also came on my birthday, with the release of this fascinating video by my friend and fellow SUNY Oswego Alumni, Tyler Edic.  The song is a meditation on small town struggles and charm, particularly in the upstate NY area and when Tyler came to me, eager to work with me, I knew that this song would be the perfect choice for him.   We played around with a few approaches and in the end I wanted a gritty and honest portrait of Oswego, NY which, to some degree, is precisely what the song is.  He shot every day diligently and conferred with me after he'd hunt on his shot list.  The final product is eerily accurate and fitting to the lyrics!  Also worth noting, following the video link will bring you to my label, Dope Sandwich Records and Tapes' youtube channel, so please subscribe and show them love!! This video is a sort-of cinematic approach and is a great example of why I love working with other people, because he brought so much enthusiasm to this project and got great coverage I never could!

Rush Hour '98 live with BMO and MC BEATS
Lastly, this live video that got magically captured by Jackie Guma of DJ BMO and MC BEATS and I jamming spontaneously at one of BMO and my features at Portside in Port Jefferson.  MC BEATS is an old friend of mine and she happened to be at this show we played.  I figured I really needed to jump on the opportunity to jam with her so we ended up doing this totally musically impromptu bit while I rapped a short racially concerned narrative from "I've Been Thinking..." called "Rush Hour '98"! I'm so glad that Jackie caught this on film because I feel like all three of us were just really in a groove and synced up!  If you have any recordings of any live performances please email them to me!