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AllOne NovEmbark Tour 2016: 11/19, 11/21, 11/22 Back home Long Island & NYC

NOVEMBARK TOUR: 11/19, 11/21, 11/22 Back Home NEW YORK
Hey AllOne Family!
    Now that I'm just about the middle of my NovEmbark tour, I have a few Long Island shows to reflect on now that there is room to breath in the wake of chaos from  performance and travel and the holidays.  Many people were confused when I said I had a few days at home on Long Island, and really as I've mentioned before about the tour, there were circumstances that made these events a must and I wasn't going to shirk my responsibility of a friend and a touring peer for the stubborn idea that I needed to be out of state because I'm "on tour from date A to date B".  As long as I'm changing things up and moving around, performing with people I enjoy making memories, it is all valid and meaningful to me!

11/19: Katies of Smithtown Benefit For Biv:

A venue down the road from my apartment, Katies of Smithtown was hosting a benefit event for my friend Mark Biv from Kill The Inventors, so I knew I would have to be home for this one to help out a friend in need.  For those of you that don't know, KTI is one of my favorite hip hop groups on Long Island and last summer we collaborated on a song together called "DYSTOPIATES" (click to listen).  Katies has become one of my favorite venues not just because of its proximity to my new home but because the staff are awesome, the stage/sound is optimal, and my friend Heather runs a delicious food truck in the outside back patio area that had some irresistible foods!  I had the opportunity to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time!

The Line Up:
The MOFOS opened the show up with a slew of covers played expertly by members of The Vigilance Committee, Ninja Tree House and Jungle Gypsy that really warmed up the room and got people pumped.
I went up next with BMO and had one of my favorite sets we've ever done due to our song choices and interactions, the energy in the room and a random freestyle session that occurred as well as closing on an unexpected remix of "What's Your Problem?" as requested by someone in the crowd. for the second show of ours, BMO brought his saxophone out and it was even better this time in its cohesive incorporation!

Kill The Inventors went up and had a great set, playing with a drummer (Chris, who was amazing) for the first time in years.  We ended their set with a freestyle cypher between Hi-Q and I (as pictured below) which was a ton of fun, I always love doing that and even BMO jumped up and rapped with us!  Can't wait to be performing alongside KTI more as the year turns!

Samurai Pizza Cats closed up the event with some high energy full-stage punk and ska vibes that had people dancing.  Raffles were handed out, I met a lot of new people, sold a bunch of music that I turned the money over to Mark's cause and the night progressed wonderfully.  Such a fun time!

Freestyling with Kill The Inventors at Katies of Smithtown

Me, Hi-Q of KTI and Eric Correa

11/21: Parkside Lounge, Lower East Side, NYC:

On Monday I went back to work so I could make some extra money since I was going to be in the area anyway, which bought me some leeway to take off two later dates in December and extend my trip for a few more dates into the weekend (getting 4 days for the price of two).  Thanks to the help of my incredible poet/singer friend Jane LeCroy, I was put in touch with Mike Geffner who has run the INSPIRED WORD NYC open mic series throughout Manhattan for 7+ years and I got the chance to feature during this open mic at Parkside Lounge in the lower east side.  I got to meet my illustrator/fashion designer friend Dani Blum for dinner in Astoria, Queens then she showed me how to use the subway to get to the venue because I'm pretty inept when it comes to those transit systems!

When we got there we had the pleasure of meeting up with my friends Adam James (of More Than Skies and Sleep Bellum Sonno), Emily Lazio, Mikey Bilello, Doug Widick and Onodera !  All save for Doug and Mikey performed and I was so proud and excited to see my friends displaying such talent to the room, it felt like we were revealing some of the power of the Long Island scene to the city folk!

There were some great performers I'd never seen throughout the open mic that I'd never seen including comedians, singers, improvising poets, silly hip hop comedy acts like The Retar Crew and beautiful bands.  What a time!! Mike Geffner was generous to me and the space was professional, encouraging and had a sort of secretive community vibe about it.  Afterward Mikey, Dani, Emily, Adam and I romped around in the city on a quest for hot chocolate that was all for naught and settled on Pizza, which... is probably the best "disappointment" one can experience!  I look forward to returning to the series eventually, which occurs every monday night!

A Capella//Spoken Word Setlist @ Parkside:
- Youthtopia
-Therapy Sessions
-Revealed (Practical)

Onodera @ Inspired word NYC

11/22: Velvet Lounge Open Mic Feature with Miggs Son Daddy, Lauren Schwind and Freak Tha Monsta:
This show at the ever-favorite Velvet Lounge was the entire catalyst of the NovEmbark tour.  Miggs and his artistically gifted lady Lauren Schwind live in Savannah and were traveling up to NY for the holidays so they asked me to hook them up with an event or so.  Velvet Lounge has a new open mic series (with art, free food, music and fine art features, vendors and jams) on Tuesday nights so that perfectly lined up with their traveling needs!  

I know Miggs and Freak Tha Monsta from prior shows they've played on the island.  Miggs and I are actually on a track together from his Happy Thoughts project with Dope KNife entitled "When The World Ends"...  They're both really talented rappers and high energy performers.  The Lounge was packed out that night on account of people being home or off from college with the holidays coming up so that made the room really interesting.  I went on just before them and at the end of my set I ended up freestyling over beats spun by DJ Kaution about a bunch of topics thrown to me by the crowd which by some weird turn of events ended up being all 90's shows!  Lauren displayed her art which was so eerie and well crafted, many of the pieces I was shocked to find were created live at events she and Miggs played on a tour over the summer!  That sort of joint travel and artistic passion really inspired me.  The night was awesome those guys have so much power and energy in their sets and really know how to move a crowd.  I can't wait to see those guys play again or do some traveling out their way and share a stage with those cats, such good vibes!

"There's no place like home" is said, which can both compliment home as well as be a reason to leave!
I like the idea of there being positive aspects to each side of that coin!

Tune in next time, I made my Thanksgiving-eve debut in Washington, DC!
-Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo

Saturday, November 19, 2016

AllOne NovEmbark Tour '16: 11/17 & 11/18 Adventures in New Haven


To start off the trip yesterday I headed off to New Haven for my debut there at Cafe 9, a spot I'd been to autumn of last year where I saw my friends Dope Knife, Miggs Son Daddy, FarOut, EyeNine and Zak G. perform.  The show was with Dodgy Sorts, Average Citizen, Dave DeLucia, Drent & Kleen Kut !!  The drive in my new car was comfortable and the gas mileage is bonkers, made a couple of phone calls with my fancy new bluetooth situation which was nice, I hit traffic but I watched the sun setting, a time lapse with my GoPro as well.  A few hours later I arrived and met up with Collin (Dodgy Sorts) who is a unique and really intelligent guy.  We talked and played the drums and then headed out to the show at Cafe Nine which was a lot of fun, the crowd was modest and there was a lot of love and talent in the room!  Please go ahead and click the links above to check out the performers' sites!  Our friend Ceschi of Fake Four Inc. came out to the show to hang out which was relaly cool of him.  Dave DeLucia played a bunch of really well written songs with his electric guitar that reminded me at times a little of one of my favorite albums, Eddie Vedder's Into The Wild Soundtrack ! Dodgy Sorts and Average Citizen performed a specifically hope-inspiring intellectual brand of hip hop, both insightful and meaningful.  Kleen Kut made a surprise appearance to join Drent on stage for the best Edgar Allans Ave set I've seen them play!  I think their album is going to be fantastic, looking forward to playing with them at News Cafe on the 27th and Firehouse 13 on Drent's Birthday on the 28th!
Kleen Kut, Drent and I after the show, Drent
with particularly great choice of clothing...
Here was my setlist:
I Get Down
This Is For
Zoned Out
Cause & Effect
Creative Differences
Travel Baggage (Carry On)

After some freestyling goofing off and catching up in the eerie reverberating vacant streets of 2am New Haven, the Edgar Allens Ave guys and I said goodnight and went our seperate ways.
New Haven DAY 2...Meandering the Microcropolis

My friend Annie (who is also a childhood friend of my father's) offered to meet up for lunch with me the next day so I stayed the night in New Haven to ensure another adventure!  As a bed, my car left a lot to be desired as compact as it is, but that wasn't so bad and my sleeping bag is really comfortable and warm so despite my legs being bent to angles that might convince crickets to call me kin it was totally feasible!  I had breakfast at the rest stop and wrote for a little and then met up with Dodgy at this great art spot and coffee shop called Koffee? on audobon street.  They had a glass case of a delicious collection of treats and a huge list of coffee options.  Koffee is a place I would absolutely recommend anyone to go to and I hope I perform there one day, it is quite a bohemian watering hole, packed tight with young people hunched over books and laptops working busily under the watchful eye of portraits.  One of my favorite parts about Koffee there are doors that open out into an irregularly shaped courtyard area with benches and a little sculpture garden with big iron fire escapes that wind crookedly against brick buildings donning clinging ivy regalia.  Dodgy and I had a great conversation ruminating on art, music, charity, travel and more while I waited to meet with Annie, which I eventually did.

Mind Exploding
Lobster/Chorizo Sausage
Mac N Cheese
Annie met me near one of her favorite places, Geronimo in New Haven which is a higher end Southwest bar and grill with fun decorum, a spiral staircase (one of my favorite things) and a really wild menu.  Annie is kindhearted and gregarious woman, one of those people who is unafraid of talking to anyone, she sparked up conversations with our table neighbors, our waitresses and promoted me to people with such high praise.  She was excessively generous to me and just that morning she bought lunch for a homeless man she saw sitting out by a Dunkin Donuts, whom she talked to for a short time and imparted the idea, upon reflecting that, "not all people who are on the streets are there for bad reasons, and they're all people."  She was a great warmth to be around.  Geronimo was very well chosen, what a wonderful place!  They brought out homemade guacamole, chips and salsa, each menu item was more incredible than the last and we tried elk and buffalo chili for the first time which was spicy and then this insane lobster mac n cheese with chorizo sausage and was unreal!  With full bellies we opted to walk
Chili Trio: Hatch Green Chiles
Elk Chili and Buffalo Chili!

From there, by talking to a group of women with Annie's aforementioned social bravery we found out that one of her favorite dairy farms, based in Litchfield, Arethusa had a storefront location nearby, where Annie raved about their homemade ice cream and warm homemade waffle cones.  We both bought toasted almond with toasted coconut cones.  They made drippy and sweet companions to the cool autumn day as we wandered about.
Here's a little not get waffle
cones full of ice cream if you have a
thick moustache or unless you have
a beach towel sized amount of napkins!
New Haven is such an interesting place to explore, a little microcropolis that offers an interesting juxtaposition between modern buildings with interesting and ornate architecture and old archaic buildings like Yale (which was breathtaking and reminded me of being in Italy in 2015!).  Every few storefronts there is a boutique or a restaurant, a bar or a music venue and all sorts of cool things  I can't impress upon you how intense of an experience Yale is to see, the towering buildings that are as marvelous and meticulously crafted as ancient European cathedrals, students wheeling around string instruments through vast courtyards.  Perhaps what was most bizarre about Yale was seeing two Alpaca there just wondering around.  Intelligent alpaca to be at Yale!  Shortly after taking photos with the  Annie and I found a little sale in a church and I got a collection of Stephen Crane stories for 50 cents, perpetuating my inexhaustible to-read bookshelf, but when I see books I think I'll read eventually I figure I should pick them up when there is an odd circumstance and affordable price even if I may not read the book until years later (ironically, when I may have forgotten where I got to book in the first place!).  Antoinette was such a social energy of compassion and open to everyone, it really opened up the door to adventure and it was a reminder that being open to other people and inviting yourself into the world and the world into yourself is a sure way to really truly experience and embrace the spontaneity of life that makes it so special.
We parted ways and I took the ferry back home, glad that I had opted last minute to take the second day in New Haven to experience a new adventure, even though I had only stayed out one night, took a few hours of travel, played one show and met some new people and wasn't even away from my typical daily life for all that long, I felt really revitalized and encouraged and that is exactly what I put this haphazard set of shows and journeys together.  I came home feeling so energized and excited and also terribly exhausted at the same time!   Looking forward to my show at Katies' tonight with Kill The Inventors, BMO and a slew of other folks! I'll be performing in Connecticut again with Dope KNife, Zak G, Esh and some other folks at Stella Blues Tuesday Febuary 2nd!

Thanks as always for reading these blurbs, I hope to see you on the road, if you have any shows or venues or parties or anything, I'd love to be a part of them, keep in touch!
-Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Preparing/announcing/thinking about the AllOne "Novembark" mini-tour 2016

Hey AllOne Family!
As of tonight I'm GOING BACK ON THE ROAD!! I've decided to name this one after a portmanteau, the NOVEMBARK TOUR! I've posted the dates and events below from 11/17-12/4 (yes I know..some of this is the DECEMBARK TOUR technically, call it what you like, just come on down to an event!).  I've decided to elaborate on a few little bits of information just in the event that it may help out anyone looking to do the same...

How did I Decide the Course?
The seed of the tour, aside from my intrinsic need for change and desire to get out on the road and meet people (see "Travel Baggage (Carry On)" ) was a message from my friend Miggs Son Daddy who happened to be coming up to NY and was looking for a show (we'll be performing together at The Velvet Lounge Open Mic Tuesday the 22nd as features!) and it got me thinking about where else I could travel and so I started booking feverishly!
For the first time, I've opted to drive and so without the restraints of the Megabus schedules and stops, I had freedom to do some of the logistically difficult (or probably stupid) routes. Some events were offered to me, such as the 11/19 fundraiser to help out my friend Biv from Kill The Inventors, and I knew that no matter where I was, I was going to make it home to be there for that because a friend in need trumps anything else, It also came to be that my friend Gina Tomitz (of "Caution To The Wind", "Will She Ever Change?" and "Spring: To Life!") has the joyous occasion of an engagement party so I wanted to stick around that day as well to celebrate!  Some stipulations were also that Thanksgiving was coming up so I wanted to stay nearby, so I'm jumping back and forth a lot.  Again, it was more about my desperate need for change and activity than making some sort of clear path or plan.  Sometimes flying by the seat of our pants is the only way to reach any sort of altitude, and frankly, that's fine for me, as I've felt like a grounded little kid lately, and not in the best ways!

How does one book a DIY tour?!
Seeing as many of my dates are still TBA or ended up being taken offers from my hometown, clearly I'm still figuring this out!  From the good and negative aspects of this and all experiences I could tell you that READING THIS BLOG I WROTE SHOULD HELP.  That particular article details my experiences and strategies when booking my 2014 "Onederlust" tour and the 2013 "little piano BIG MOUTH" tour.  One of the more obvious things is to reach out to friends in places you want to be in.  Establish the easier or target locations first. then branch out to fill the spaces between there.  I knew that my friends the Beshures would help as they're always kind enough to offer me a place to stay and that they'd endeavor to set something up whenever I come around.  Owen "Drent" had a few ideas in mind so I reached out to him.  I knew that my friend Jane LeCroy was very active in NYC so I reached out to her which got me the esteemed feature spot at Parkside Lounge, and I am indebted to her.  Dodgy Sorts, who had played a show with me several months ago offered to get me a show whenever I was around so I let him know I was looking for something, and Evan Bujold turned out to be even more helpful than I expected when it came to be that he was newly the man in charge of managing the music at a respected Syracuse venue (where we met) at Funk N Waffles!

Aside from reaching out to helpful friends, one of the most helpful resources has been DODIY.ORG which is indispensible!  Indie Music Bible turned out not to be as helpful as I'd like, mostly just a compilation of facebook pages and websites, many of which I found the links to be no longer relevant as the spaces or venues had closed down or perhaps changed site links.  Overall though, I believe my trouble with Indie Music Bible has a lot to do with the fact that what I do is unconventional and niche.  Not only to I make hip hop music, which a lot of bars/clubs/spaces don't particularly care for, but I also make a strain of that that is a little more fringe, so even the hip hop fans don't feel it meshes.  This isn't a complaint, but an observation. You will send countless emails and you will receive very few back, that's just how it goes.  Do not get discouraged.  People will disappoint you, do not be embittered.  Keep a humble head on your shoulders, nobody owes you anything and sometimes timelines don't work out.  That being said, I limit my research and questions to NOTHING.  I look up towns and see what friends lived there or went to school there and I reach out to see who knows who.  Doesn't matter if I've talked to them in a while, life happens and people get busy, everyone understands that!  You never know whose friend or family member might do shows in their basement or be in charge of booking at a desirable venue, and all a person has to do is a read a text or a message, respond back and maybe send one or two things to relay the information, it's not asking a lot of people, and if they say they can't help, just be courteous and thank them for their time and move on.

Where & when can you see me?

The Dates/Shows/Events:
11/17 Cafe 9, New Haven, CT with Drent, Dodgy Sorts, Average Citizen and Dave Delucia!
11/19 Katies' Bar, Smithtown, NY Fundraiser for Biv of Kill The Inventors
11/21 Parkside Lounge, Lower East Side NYC
11/22 Velvet Lounge in East Setauket, NY
11/23 Electric Maid in Washington, D.C. with Eli Lev and Nostromo
11/25 The Cup, Wantagh, NY with Eric Daino
11/27 News Cafe, Pawtucket, RI with Drent, Kleen Kutt, Nice, Jesse Ramos
11/28 Firehouse 13, Providence, RI MADCAP MONDAY with Drent & Kleen Kutt
11/29 TBA
11/30 TBA
12/1 TBA
12/2 Funk 'N' Waffles in Syracuse, NY with Attamizk and more TBA
12/3 House show in Rochester, NY with CU-CU

I'm very much looking forward to capitalizing on capriciousness and a sense of adventure, seeing new friends and places, catching up with old ones.  I also plan on capturing a lot of footage with my GoPro for a video so that will be a goal along the way as well!

Keep moving!
-Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo